Fromagination Custom Label
Custom Laser Cut Labels

Custom Conventional Dies

There are many styles of dies available to manufacture labels depending on how they will be used and applied. Dies can be tooled to create styles such as square corners, round corners, circles, bursts, ovals, special shapes, individual sheets, etc.

Laser Die-Cutting

No Dies. Laser die-cutting technology means no dies or hard tooling is necessary. With laser die-cutting, this system can reproduce custom shapes and unique die-cuts easily, quickly and accurately without purchasing a costly die. By using the laser to cut in segments, the length is virtually unlimited. Order labels in the shape of your corporate logo instead of a plain rectangle die-cut. Be creative and have fun using this laser technology to design a shape that stands out and gets noticed!

No Minimum Quantities. The no-plate digital technology is economical for even the smallest runs. It is also an ideal solution for multiple copies and customizing labels with text, barcodes, colors or personalized information. Costly prototypes or test runs can now be produced economically.

Digital Printing Requirements:

Laser die-cutting in action
Laser die-cutting in action